The people at Vespro have been active for over 20 years in equipment design and fabrication within Turkey. Following domestic success, we began expanding our offering of professionally engineered vessels and process equipment to outside markets such as Europe and North Africa, demonstrating the trust and reliability of the Vespro brand amid international chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The Vespro team has a long history in equipment manufacturing and know-how in the industries of chemical manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, including management and delivery of complete plants on turn-key basis. Our team is predominantly composed of professional and certified welders, along with technicians and engineers that provide the backbone of our value proposition: a reliable process equipment fabrication partner for chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

We strongly believe in growing our production capabilities and specifically about enhancing output quality and productivity. This is why we heavily reinvest towards increased automation and modern equipment. Beyond the material, we also believe in investing in our people and to actively promote continuous education and training. Only in such a way can Vespro deliver on its promise.