We support technology providers and contractors with process equipment fabrication and value-enhancing services during project design and construction.

Since conception we have supported contractors and technology licensors in building and delivering chemical plants, and we have done seo with our products and solutions such as equipment delivery, detailed engineering, and on-site installation. The people at Vespro have been active for over 20 years in designing and fabricating process equipment, serving both local Turkish and regional markets.

While we serve the chemical industry in two-parts (basic and specialty/pharma), our projects are predominated by four key markets: fertilizers, sulfuric acid, chlor-alkali, and pulp & paper. Other areas served included pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and O&G. 

The Vespro team has a long history in equipment manufacturing and know-how in the chemicals industries, including management and delivery of complete plants on turn-key basis. Our team is predominantly composed of professional and certified welders, along with technicians and engineers that provide the backbone of our value proposition: a reliable process equipment fabrication partner for the chemicals industry.

Our business is based on trust and we value long-term personal relationships with our clients; we always strive to work with our clients with mutual understanding. It is no wonder that more than half of our clients are returning customers that trust the Vespro brand.